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Thursday, 15 May 2014 00:00

In the Heart of the Scrum

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Bonjour à tous

At Wellington College, Year 11 French students have been researching old boys of the College who fought in World War I.  Some of these old boys also played in a 1909 rugby match against St Patrick’s College.  We are researching specific aspects of the war which these old boys would have been involved in, and we’re partnered with people at Lycée Europeén de Villers-Cotterêt, France.  We are talking to these people by email, Skype and Facebook.  These old boys include:

William Stainton (Head Boy 1909)

AB McColl

JP Firth (Headmaster at the time)

I have been researching William Stainton, in particular about Maori in WWI,  who was Head Boy at Wellington College in 1909, and was part of the Maori ‘Pioneer’ Battalion.  Also, I’m trying to find out more about my great-great-grandfather who also fought in WWI.  Later in the year we are going to present what we have found and put it on Wellington College’s website about the project in different formats.  Next year we will be visiting the school in Villers-Cotterêt, along with Paris, Ypres and Le Quesnoy and some other WWI battle sites.  We will be spending four weeks in France, most of which will be spent staying with students at Lycée Europeén de Villers-Cotterêt and their families.


Campbell (Year 11 French Student at Wellington College)



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