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Thursday, 08 September 2016 19:00

Only a few days to go!

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The tour is slowly but surely beginning to dawn on me now as the flight to France is this Saturday. And after the skype call on Tuesday with all the group members, I feel ready to go and make the most out of my time over there.

For my project when I go to France, I need to ask around about how the French families felt about the war on the Western Front in WWI and also WWII, considering the war was in their country. This will hopefully give me a well-rounded perspective for my project.

And while I asked the students at my school if they wanted me to bring a poppy up with me on their behalf for their family members, unfortunately, there hasn’t been much response. This is both from my lack of advertising within my school but also because I found out that many of the students actually don’t know that much about their family ancestry back to WWI.

So when I get back from this visit, I’m keen on sharing my research project with some classes at my school. I think it would be important for me to do this to raise awareness of the importance of this tour, to commemorate the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for our freedom today, but to also get the students more interested in their own family ancestry. It’s such a shame for one to not know about their roots, and hopefully this will encourage the students to appreciate their family background and therefore their own identity more.

Finally from me, I’m excited about the visit but I’ll make sure to be professional in the way I conduct myself over there. And while I’ll be busy over there with no time to post anything on the blog, I’ll try my best to gather as much research information as I can and make the most out of my time there!

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Sean Takai

Shirley Boys High School


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